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Xtreme Stuff is Owned By Brad & Debbie Bradby. The Bradby's also own Show Cars and know how important it is to have the "Best Looking" vehicle at the shows. They are dedicated to helping all show car owners achieve the "Best in Looks" and also the "Most Protection" for their vehicles at the same time. This includes the interior, exterior, wheels, tires, trim, and with under the hood detailing.

Brad & Debbie founded their business because they were just like so many other auto hobbyists that wanted to get the most out of their vehicles when attending the cruise-ins and shows. They were constantly trying out new products and many time they looked for items that they wanted to enhance their vehicles, but couldn't find what they wanted. As they toured the shows after many years, they were constantly getting questions as to how to achieve the best shine or where to get this or that item. They were determined to help everyone with their knowledge.

It was then that they decided to offer the "Best Products" that they had found over the years to their friends at the best price in town. Their products will do this and more! As time went on, they were constantly being questioned about items that their customers wanted., but weren't available. Brad & Debbie decided to look for a supplier for these hard to find items and now have many in stock. If you don't see what you want, Just Ask! And as of May 1, 2008, Debbie started offering a new product she uses personally. It is a body and conditioner Made By Dariens for men and women.

How to get in touch with us!

Thank you for asking about our products or for your order. You may contact us by calling us at 804-504-0074. Or you may use our Contact Form which is located on our Contact Page. Our  Contact Form Here

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