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DuraGloss Cleaners, Polish, Waxes, and other products are Top of the Line Products made for the Professional that won't accept 2nd Best. It is used by many Detail Shops and Show Car Owners to achieve that just painted "Show Car Look" all the time. You just can't buy any better. Check our New Items!

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Duragloss PC (Polish & Cleaner) #101 - $10.00

Contains synthetic polymers, which form a protective coating on the surface of painted vehicles. Durable to both acid and alkaline washes. Can be applied in the sun or shade to the entire vehicle before removing easily for a "wet look" shine and protective coating. One application protects against:

Total Performance Polish #105 - $13.00

Duragloss Total Performance Polish is formulated to clean, shine and protect today's vehicles from harsh conditions and environmental pollutants. This super-tough coating forms a protective barrier which protects against acid ran, tree sap, bird droppings and other resists both acid and alkalies. One application will shine and protect for 1 full year.

Leather Conditioner #221 - $9.00

Duragloss Leather Conditioner is formulated with a blend of mink oil and lanolin. It restores the softness and lustre to leather by replenishing the natural oils lost due to heat and age. It protects against cracking and reduces abrasion. Duragloss LC penetrates leather to give a non-oily, non-greasy treatment. It also contains a special leather extract which enhances the natural leather scent. Duragloss LC is also recommended for leather furniture, shoes, luggage and vinyl surfaces.

Ultimate Detail Spray #265 - $7.50

Gives Tires a "Wet Look". This convenient aerosol spray gives a "wet look" appearance with one easy application. Works great on tires (black or whitewall), bumpers, moldings, door jams and AC vents.

Rubber Bumper and Flat Black Dressing #271 - $6.50

Protect and restore the original gloss to rubber and flat black surfaces. It dries to a durable finish that will not wash off. Water Resistant

Vinyl & Convertible Top Dressing #301 - $8.25

It Contains a blend of synthetic polymers that form a durable and protective coating on vinyl and convertible tops. Duragloss VCTD restores the new look and repellency. Not recommended for fabric tops.

Non Silicone Dressing #321 - $10.00

Duragloss Non-Silicone is a unique formulation designed to restore the luster and beauty to vinyl, leather and tires. It gives a non-tacky treatment with one application. Can be applied safely in paint and body shops.

Absorb It #371 - $7.50

Eliminate odors on fabric, carpet and other areas inside an auto. Simply spray and odors vanish. This product is not recommended for vinyl or leather.

All Purpose Cleaner #401 - $7.00

Is a blend of selected surfactants and cleaners that gently emulsify and remove dirt, oil and grease. Can be diluted to safely clean vinyl and convertible tops, vinyl upholstery, etc., or use concentrated to clean white walls or degrease and engine.

Leather Shampoo #441 - $7.50

Duragloss LS is formulated to clean leather surfaces without drying or removing the natural oils. It contains mink oil and lanolin to soften as it cleans. Duragloss LS contains a special leather extract which enhances the natural leather scent.

Fabric & Carpet Cleaner #451 - $8.00

Fabric and Carpet Cleaner: Duragloss Fabric and Carpet Cleaner if formulated to gently foam away soil, dirt and stains from velour, cloth, carpet and similar surfaces. Duragloss FC will not soak into fabric and leaves the cleaned surface clean and dry. Also recommended for vinyl.

Bug Remover #471 - $7.25

Duragloss Bug Remover dissolves and removes bugs with ease. Works great on painted surfaces, fiberglass, chrome and glass. Will not harm clear coated paint or remove durable polishes.

Wax Eraser #481 - $7.00

Duragloss Wax Eraser easily removes wax and polish residue from textured and smooth surfaces. Erases the white, chalky residue and leaves the textured surface like new.

Pre-Cleaner No. 2 Buffing & Polishing Cleaner #652 - $7.25

This Buffing & Polishing Cleaner is a blend of selected abrasives, which remove oxidation, scratches and water spots. Recommend for metallic paint, older cars and oxidation removal. Clear coat safe.

Swirl Mark Remover #671 - $8.50

Is a blend of waxes, polymers and polishing agents, which easily removes swirl marks from painted surfaces. Especially recommended for dark colored vehicles that have been machine buffed.

Plastic Polish #681 - $9.00

Is formulated to polish and protect all types of clear and colored plastic: Plexiglas, Fiberglass, ABS, Lexan, Lucite, Acrylite, and all other acrylics including painted surfaces. Improves clarity by removing fine scratches while sealing the pores of the plastics. Dries quickly with no smudges, scratches, sticky or oily residue.

Nu-Glass #755 - $8.25

This product is formulated to remove water spots from glass surfaces, with ease. Also removes tree sap, bugs and road film. Will not scratch glass surfaces. Gives glass surfaces a new polish look.

Chrome Wheel Cleaner #803 - $9.00

Duragloss Chrome Wheel Cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, oil, rust and road film from chrome and magnesium surfaces without rubbing. Duragloss WC is recommended for wire wheels, mag wheels, hubcaps and bumpers. Duragloss WC will not damage or discolor chrome or magnesium surfaces. Do Not Use On Aluminum. Spray On - Rinse Off No Rubbing Required.

All Wheel Cleaner #821 - $9.00

Is formulated to clean all wheels. Removes brake dust, road film, oil and grease. Safe to use on all types of wheels including coated, painted and highly polished.

Metal Cleaner & Brightner #831 - $9.00

Is formulated to clean high polished aluminum. It removes oxidation, dirt and road film while leaving aluminum surface clean and bright. Recommend for all types of highly polished aluminum surfaces such as gas tanks, wheels, diamond plate tool boxes, running boards, tankers, etc.

Metal Polish #881 - $9.50

Makes Aluminum Shine like Chrome. Formulated to clean and polish all types of metal surfaces. It removes oxidation, tarnish, rust and soil. Leaves a protective coating which resists future oxidation. Cleans and Polishes: Aluminum, Chrome, Brass, Copper, Stainless, Silver and Gold.

Car Wash Concentrate #901 - $6.25

Duragloss Car Wash Concentrate is a concentrated shampoo formulated to polish and shine as it cleans. Duragloss CWC does not contain alkalies, acids or abrasives and will not remove durable polishes. It removes road film, oil, tar, etc, and leaves a polished look between washes. Duragloss CWC is free rinsing and decreases dry time without spotting or streaking. Duragloss CWC is recommended for use in all types of professional car washing equipment.

Duragloss Car Care Kit #1049 - $37.00

Kit Includes: Car Wash Concentrate, Polish & Cleaner, Vinyl & Leather Dressing, All Purpose Cleaner and Fabric & Carpet Cleaner.

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