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Xtreme Stuff would like to thank you for choosing their Professional Car Care Products to assist you in maintaining your vehicles appearance. Be assured that every one is of highest quality and has been tested for safety and dependability. They only use and sell the "Best."

"It is a Show Winner"

Now, Xtreme Products Own Formular

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We are "Now Formulating Our Own Products!
To give the Owner of Show Cars the Best on the Market!

Xtreme Detail Spray

Xtreme-Stuff Quick Spray Detail: Excellent product choice for all your final detailing needs. Great for removing light dust, fingerprints, buffing residue & smudges off all painted, chrome, glass and hard plastic surfaces. Does not smear or streak. Use Xtreme-Stuff Quick Spray Detail between washes to remove light to moderate dust and smudges. Your surface will be smooth and glossy!

Large 16oz - $9.00

Master Formula Sealer Gloss: Protective Sealer waterproofs, protects and seals any hard surface. It leaves a durable, glossy protective coating that's easily maintained and lasts up to one full year. Master Formula Sealer Gloss is excellent for use on any metal or painted surface. These surfaces include all car finishes including clear coats, gel coats, plastics and fiberglass. They also include all metal surfaces such as aluminum, chrome, brass, stainless steel, gold, silver and more. Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight. Future removal of road grime, bugs, tar, tree sap etc. is much easier when the surface is sealed with Master Formula Sealer Gloss.

Large 16oz. - $16.75

Special Products Made by WheelWax

WheelWax- Extreme Black Tire Gel. The ultimate dressing for your tires. This non-greasy tire dressing dries on tires and won't sling onto fender. Gives tires a long lasting "new tire" look. Also protects and rejuvenates all rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces.

Large 16oz. - $12.95

WheelWax, the ultimate protection for your wheels. Resists brake dust build-up. Safe for All Wheels. Makes Wheels Easier to Clean. Seals & Protects.

8oz - $15.95

Special Products Made by Britemax

#6S SPRAY & SHINE -A Final Wet Look Detail Spray that is Anti Static, Anti Streak - Repels Dust, and Non Greasy. Removes Dust and Fingerprints & Waterspots. Long Lasting Shine & Body Shop Safe. Color: Light Green.

#6S Spray& Shine --- 24oz -- $14.95oz. (BX117-24)

#4 Black Max - Ultra Fine Polishing Pad Glaze that: Removes micro fine polish lines & swirls, Gives Show Quality Finish with Depth of Shine, is a Fine Finessing Pad Polish that is Silicone Free and Body Shop Safe. Color: Black - Recommended use with Pro Finish Pad: #4 Black. Rotary Speed: Lowest Speed 1000 rpm or Orbital Speed 1500 opm

#4 Black Max --- 16oz. -- $17.95 (BX114-16)

RUBBER MAX - Rubber & Plastic Trim Conditioner Cream style exterior rubber and trim conditioner. A Satin Gloss, Gel Style Protectant, Povides Satin Gloss Finish, Water Based, Detergent Resistant and Non-Sling - Color: White

Rubber Max --- 16oz -- $11.95 (BX118-16)

Easy Cut Metal Cleaner & Polish - Metal cleaner for multiple types of bare metal surfaces Quickly and Easily Cut / Removes Oxidation. Removes Problem Stains from: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Copper, and Brass. Leaves no heavy, hard to remove residue. Easy On - Easy Off Application that can be applied to warm metals and in direct sunlight.

Sizes Available:
Easy Cut Metal Cleaner & Polish 8oz. -- $13.60 (BXMPEC-16)

Final Shine Metal Polish & Sealant - High luster finishing cleaner/polish and sealer for bare metal surfaces. Quickly Brightens and Seals Metal. Removes Light/Medium Stains. Leaves a Long Lasting Protective Shine. Leaves No Heavy Hard to Remove Residue. Easy On - Easy Off Application. Can Apply to Warm Metals and in Direct Sunlight.

Sizes Available:
Final Shine Metal Polish & Sealant - 8oz. -- $13.60 (BXMPFS-16)

#1 - Pure Cut Heavy/Medium Abrasive Compound - Heavy Swirl & Oxidation Removal. Medium Scratch Removal. Lubricated Fast acting abrasive cut. Silicone Free, Body Shop Safe. Recommended Pro Finish Pad: #1 Yellow.

Sizes Available:
#1 - Pure Cut Heavy/Medium Abrasive Compound - 16oz - $18.85 (BX111-16)
Color: Yellow
Rotary Speed - 1700 - 3000 rpm - Orbital Speed 1700 - 2000 opm. Tested with Porter Cable 3

#2 - Resto Max/ Medium Lubricated Abrasive Compound - Fast acting medium abrasive cut. Medium Swirl Removal. Minor Scratch Removal. Medium Oxidation Removal. Silicone Free, Body Shop Safe. Recommended Pro Finish Pad: #2 Orange

Sizes Available:
#2 - Resto Max/ Medium Lubricated Abrasive Compound - 16oz. - $18.85 (BX112-16)
Color: Orange
Rotary Speed 1700 - 3000 rpm - Orbital Speed 1700 - 2000 opm - Tested with Porter Cable 3

#3 - Perfect Prep/Fine Polish & Swirl Remover - Removes Swirl Marks & Surface Imperfections. Use on Paint, Gel Coat & Plastics. Cleans Old Wax, Polish & Embedded Dirt. Silicone Free, Body Shop Safe. Recommended Pro Finish Pad: #3 White

Sizes Available:
#3 - Perfect Prep/Fine Polish & Swirl Remove - 16oz. - $18.85 (BX113-16)
Color: White
Rotary Speed 1700 - 2500 rpm - Orbital Speed Up to 2500 opm - Tested with Porter Cable 2.5

Britemax Pro Finish Buffing Pads- Made of the finest mechanical foam structures available for buffing applications.

Most foam pads are designed from “filter foam” that is basically designed for trapping liquid or filtering particles from liquid. They break apart more rapidly and do not produce a substantial difference of results from one to the next with the exception of “hard foams” that can cause more scratching with the wrong application. Pro Finish mechanical foams actually have the ability to assist the compound or polishing products to do a more effective job without damaging the painted surface. Their variable contact surface is designed for less spatter of product and the hook and loop backings are bonded not glued to the pads. This prevents delaminating which can cause some costly damage.

There is also a “no bump damage” rib designed into these pads so you will never have the backing plate make contact with a painted surface. When used on a high speed orbital as they do at the OEM level the results are breathtaking with no swirls from start to finish. With this orbital application process, even the inexperienced user can achieve amazing results quickly. No more chasing swirls!!!

Compatble - 5 inch backing plate for Porter Cable 7424 - Hook and Loop

Britemax Pro Finish Buffing Pads:
#1 Yellow – Aggressive cut and compound operations.
Part # BX1PD-OY (Orbital 6.5”x 1.75”)
Part # BX1PD-RY (Rotary 8”x 1.75”)
Part # BX1PD-DY (Drill 4" x 1.75") Spot Buff Pad

#2 Orange – Medium cut and compound operations.
Part # BX2PD-OO (Orbital 6.5”x 1.75”)
Part # BX2PD-RO (Rotary 8”x 1.75”)
Part # BX2PD-DO (Drill 4" x 1.75") Spot Buff Pad

#3 White – Medium to fine polishing operations.
Part # BX3PD-OW (Orbital 6.5”x 1.75”)
Part # BX3PD-RW (Rotary 8”x 1.75”)
Part # BX3PD-DW (Drill 4" x 1.75") Spot Buff Pad

#4 Black – Ultra fine polishing and finesse finishing operations.
Part # BX4PD-OBK (Orbital 6.5”x 1.75”)
Part # BX4PD-RBK (Rotary 8”x 1.75”)
Part # BX4PD-DBK (Drill 4" x 1.75") Spot Buff Pad

#5 Blue – Sealants, waxes, and polymer applications.
Part # BX5PD-OBU (Orbital 6.5”x 1.75”)
Part # BX5PD-RBU (Rotary 8”x 1.75”)
Part # BX5PD-DBU (Drill 4" x 1.75") Spot Buff Pad

* #5 Blue pads have no mechanical characteristics. They are designed to provide superb leveling of waxes and sealants and provide quick application.

Key Attributes: No splatter = waste less product - Easy Care = wash in warm water and air dry.

--- And the Price is Right! Only $17.50 each ---

Watch for us at the car shows you attend. Or just check our calendar for dates and locations. Or you may contact us by Email to order any of our products or you may contact Brad or Debbie by By Calling 804-504-0074

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